Meredith Management has developed, owned and managed more than 3,000 apartments, 6,000 condominiums and 5 million square feet of commercial space. Meredith’s experience includes the development of more than 2,500 new residential apartments, including three Rolling Green complexes in Amherst, Milford and Fall River Massachusetts, 204, 304 and 404 units respectively. Meredith also developed the first condominium (217 units) in the City of Springfield MA as well as several other successful condominium complexes throughout the State. As one of the largest managers of condominium properties in Massachusetts, Meredith Management manages over 6,000 condominium and cooperative units, ranging in size from the 38-unit luxury Fisher Hill Estates in Chestnut Hill to the 383-unit Ledgemere in Ashland, MA.

In addition to residential properties, Meredith has developed and managed significant commercial space, including Monarch Office, a 400,000 square-foot, 25-story, Class A building; retail shopping centers ranging in size from 10,000 to 200,000 square feet; and Riverwalk, a 1,3000,000 square-foot office and industrial property in Lawrence MA. After a major property sale in the year 2000 of 1,200 apartments developed by Meredith, Meredith currently owns and manages approximately 1,000 residential units and 250,000 square feet of commercial space.

Meredith Management’s affiliate, Here Comes the Sun, LLC, is a clean power provider specializing in solar energy. The target market for Here Comes the Sun includes nonprofit organizations, other entities that do not pay taxes, and those who simply do not have the capital to invest in their own clean energy facility. At Here Comes the Sun, the company installs solar energy power plants on customers‘ properties while maintaining ownership of the plants. Since Here Comes the Sun is a for-profit entity, they take full advantage of the various incentives that are available for the establishment and use of clean energy that make solar energy a financially feasible option. The terms with customers vary; however Here Comes the Sun is committed to providing solar energy to all customers at a lower rate than the grid currently offers, and, in many cases, the customer retains the option to acquire the solar facility after a specified period of time.