Reducing the Cost of Gun Violence

John Rosenthal, co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence, details the impact of Massachusetts’ success with public policy o…

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As Massachusetts shows, strong gun-safety laws wor...

Other states should follow suit.

Globe staff illustration; Guy Sagi/Adobe

For gun-safety activists or everyday Ma…

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Individual Gun Ownership Is Not at Stake in This E...

John E. Rosenthal
Co-founder, Stop Handgun Violence

As a long-time gun owner, shooting sports enthusiast, businessperso…

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A Message From John E. Rosenthal

“I am very proud of Meredith Management. As a leader in real estate development and management, we care deeply about the residents, tenants, the communities where we develop and manage residential and commercial properties and are deeply committed to social, economic, and environmental justice.”

John E. Rosenthal

President, Meredith Management

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